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Using our knowledge, service-offering expertise and capabilities, we can provide comprehensive support to enterprises from the startup phase onwards.    

Audit and Accounting

Our audit and accounting services support you in the preparation of financial statements and reports, ensure your compliance with regulation, and look behind the numbers to consider what they mean for your business 

  • Accounting Advisory Services
  • Accounts Preparation
  • Financial Statements Audit

Business Development Consulting

Achieving your business outcomes and continued growth demands a strategic roadmap and smarter insights. The solutions you implement today will help pave the way for success tomorrow

  • Support in start up stage
  • Business Plans
  • Commercial Deployment Strategies
  • Business Performance Reviews
  • Trading within the EU

Corporate Outsourcing

To assist start-ups we provide on flexible terms onsite      

  • Dedicated office space available
  • Industrial space available
  • Warehousing space

Smart and simple
business solutions

Investing in Ireland

Ireland is an excellent gateway to the EU market and is the only country with English as a main language in the EU post Brexit.

If you are seeking a location in which to start a business, look no further. With our low rate corporation tax and low levels of bureaucracy, Ireland is a country that is extremely supportive of entrepreneurs seeking to start up a new business venture.              

  • Assisting start up through to becoming operational and beyond
  • Accessing state agencies
  • Sourcing property
  • Recruitment
  • Legal review of contracts

Other services

Compliance requires oversight and adherence to strict guidelines.                             

We can work with you to ensure that your functions have the relevant controls and frameworks in place to allow you to focus on your business.

Our tax specialists can help you to manage risks, identify opportunities and develop a robust tax strategy.                         

  • Taxation corporate & personal
  • Company Setup and Company Secretarial
  • Accounting software


When entering overseas markets there are many local, regional and national factors that need to be considered. In particular, it is important to consider the tax and commercial implications of your corporate structure.

We work closely with offices in EU and USA affording us the opportunity to introduce you to like minded professionals positioned to offer you local expertise as part of our wider team.